Lumivahti is a multi-disciplinary IoT-project with the goal to create a prototype for a service that provides accurate and up-to-date data about the snow situation and weather at skiing trails. We’re a team of three third-year students from Haaga-Helia information technology programme working in partnership with Virtual Outdoors Finland.

The Plan

We are still in the process of formalizing the project plan and examining the options. Based on examining several similar projects as well as our past experiences, we currently believe the best course of action is to use ESP8266 or ESP32 based platform to collect and process the data from the sensors which is then sent to a VPS(virtual private server) via HTTP which then handles the input and publishes it on a website. The snow depth is to be measured via ultra-sonic distance sensor. This is the initial configuration we will attempt to evaluate. A Raspberry Pi-based platform is an alternative we are considering, but there are concerns that the higher power consumption and the lack of power saving sleep and hibernate states will make in non-viable for a battery powered device(these concerns are largely based on the information available on Project Nuotiovahti, which demonstrates a similar project with Raspberry Pi achieving a battery life of less than two days on a 30000 mAh battery).

The Team

Niklas Graniittiaho – Team Leader

Juuso Puroila

Sources and Inspiration



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